Should Students Keep Dogs in a College Dorm?

Many people dream of finishing high school and going to college. It seems one of the best periods in their lives when they can get rid of parental control and do whatever they want. However, reality often turns out to be different, and many young people find themselves unprepared for all that stress. Indeed, moving to a new city, facing a new curriculum, new surroundings, and absence of a home-made breakfast can lead to stress and even depressive thoughts, “I cannot do my math homework. I am stupid. I'll get expelled!” Well, it is proven that pets can be a good stress relief since they require your attention and create positive vibes. However, everything is not that easy, and even though the presence of a dog can positively affect the atmosphere and reduce the level of cortisol, it can become the root cause of many other problems. So, let’s compare the pros and cons of keeping dogs in a college dorm.


Let’s start with positive aspects of why it can be great to get a pet when you are studying.
1. You will have a companion
A dog is considered one of the best possible companions for a human. It will help you get distracted from learning issues and will not mind listening to your complaints against teachers and groupmates. If you are a shy person who has problems with making friends, the presence of a dog can help deal with loneliness.
2. You will make friends more easily
Studies have shown that the presence of a dog can positively affect a person’s ability to make friends. Many people like dogs and find it is easier to approach a dog’s owner. Besides, pets are one of the best topics for casual talk and a wonderful conversation starter. So, your cute friend can turn into an ice breaker and expand your social circle.
3. You will get outside more often
Many students immerse themselves in studying so much that they don’t get outside, and the lack of fresh air negatively affects their mental abilities. If you have a dog, you will have to go outside at least twice a day. Besides, you will be involved in some physical activity that will also benefit your physical and mental state.
4. You will get a mental health boost
According to statistics, students suffer from stress and anxiety due to many factors that are an inevitable part of their learning process. And studies have demonstrated that dogs increase the level of oxytocin in your blood that helps you deal with many health issues and improve your condition. So, yes, you can hardly ask your dog, "Write my homework for me," but it will help you cope with this task on your own.


Unfortunately, some moments can deny you keeping a dog in a college dorm.
1. When you become a student, you submit to the dorm policy. And only about 4% of colleges allow keeping a dog. Most institutions are not pet-friendly, so you should carefully choose your college if you want to get a dog.
2. You can keep only certain breeds. Even if your college allows keeping a dog, it doesn’t mean that you can get any breed you want. Thus, you cannot become the owner of a German shepherd. In this case, you can only join a program of training service dogs.
3. You become responsible for all the damage that your dog can do. And if your dog’s “manners” leave much to be desired, you will have to waste a lot of money to cover the damages.