Reasons Why Having a Dog Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

Having a dog or a puppy is a great way to make good feelings stronger. And considering the present Сorona ravaged world, dogs also help to make lives easier. And yes, that old trick of impressing your crush with your pet dog does indeed work. It would seem that a picture of you with your dog can work wonders for your Ashley Madison profile. You can find how the service works with this ashley madison review. There have been quite a few studies on how pets affect romantic relationships. Today we are going to examine this same topic through this post.

The Cloutier and Peetz Study

In 2016 Cloutier and Peetz came out with a study on the topic. The findings suggested that dogs serve to revitalize romance. This is hardly surprising considering that pets bring out many of the noble human qualities. The study further indicated that dog owners enjoyed overall better relationships. They tend to respond and adjust better to their partners than a person who does not have a pet dog. There’s more reason to cheer women whose partner indeed does have a dog. He is likely to be more emotionally involved in the relationship. Another great quality a dog or pet owner is likely to have is empathy. You can learn a lot about a person by seeing how he treats his pets. The study also said that this interaction could indicate the kind of long-term relationship that the person is likely to have.

The Rover Study

If you are a pet owner, the chances are that you know of Rover and its site. It is the biggest pet care provider network out there. This company conducted a study from their huge pet care provider pool. The study wanted to find out the reason behind human and canine bonding and how it affects romance. The study asked several questions to people with dogs. Here are what the study answers mean for people who are already in a relationship. Can the dog really make it stronger?
It appears that the answer to that question is a resounding YES. If you already have a romantic relationship, dogs can help to strengthen it further. It is the perfect opportunity for both of you going out and doing activities together. It helps a couple to share pleasurable activities. Not only that, the two of you also get to stay close to each other. Sharing such dog-related experiences makes the partner feel like a family member. The study also revealed the following facts:
- More than half of romantic partners who have a dog get an opportunity to spend more time together. And the credit for the same essentially goes to the dog.
- Almost three-fourths of people found their partner’s love for their pets made them more attractive.
- A whopping 86% of people found that sharing pet experiences make them feel as if they are a family member too.
- Another significant 67% of the people thought that having dogs helped with parenting skills.
Hardly any of those facts and figures would sound new to a seasoned pet lover. But it’s all for the better that science is coming to recognize those facts with data. Dogs and dates are all for the better!